Amazing Spider-Man #627
Amazing Spider-Man #627, $5.00


Written by ROGER STERN
Pencils & Cover by LEE WEEKS

"SOMETHING CAN STOP THE JUGGERNAUT!” PART 1—When a pounding Spider-Sense headache leads Spider-Man to the comatose body of his biggest, toughest foe, he realizes that something -- or someone -- can indeed stop the Juggernaut! But who? How? And who are they coming for next? Can Spider-Man find out before it's too late? And will Peter Parker ever get to have dinner with Carlie Cooper? Roger Stern and Lee Weeks (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #580) return to unravel the mystery in the first part of the Spider-Man/Juggernaut Trilogy.

Date Available: 03/31/2010

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