Aliens #3
Aliens #3, $4.00


John Arcudi (Writer)
Zach Howard (P)
Mark Irwin (I)
Wes Dzioba (C)
and Raymond Swanland (Cover))

Untold trillions of miles from Earth, the planet Chione holds limitless treasures, ancient mysteries . . . and horrors beyond imagination. In the presence of the greatest archaeological discovery in human history, biologist David Sereda's journey of discovery becomes a desperate rescue mission as he plunges alone into a vast, maze-like necropolis to save the life of a woman trapped amidst an infestation of deadly xenomorphs. But when Sereda comes face to face with the madmen who murdered his crew—and buried him alive—he begins to doubt his quest as he realizes that for any hope of success in the midst of monsters, Sereda may need to make a deal with devils.

Date Available: 9/30/2009

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