Age of Ultron #10 AU
Age of Ultron #10 AU, $0.99


Written by Mark Waid
Art by Andre Araujo
Cover by Sara Pichelli
Variant Cover by Paolo Rivera

One of Marvel's most classic characters, Hank Pym, stands at the crossroads! Faced with a dilemma only he can solve, Pym gambles his past and his future! Some men are beyond redemption! By story's end, Hank Pym will have an entirely new role in the Marvel Universe!

Date Available: 06/26/2013

BONUS REVIEW by Shanna (Berry) Wallace

Hank Pym’s defining issue is here! There is bound to be fallout from a time-changing event such as Age of Ultron, and this is it. Poor Hank Pym, his greatest achievement led to the destruction of the Earth and the death of everyone he knew, leaving him no choice but to destroy his most significant creation. But this is a moment to look back and learn from mistakes made, and Hank will never be the same.

This is the most heart-warming story to spawn from AOU. After 10 issues of flash bam bang, we need to plant our feet back on the ground and get back in touch with our humanity, and this walk through the life of Hank Pym is exactly that.

This is the bridge to catch your breath while a character finds his need to be a hero again.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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