Action Comics #863
Action Comics #863, $2.99

Written by Geoff Johns Art by Gary Frank & Jonathan Sibal Covers by Frank

It’s the grand finale to the 6-part “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes!” To save the galaxy, Superman and the Legion must clear the good name of Krypton’s Last Son, but to do that, they must defeat the greatest villains of their time: the JLA! Featuring a stunning “Superman and The Legion of Super-Heroes” cover plus a “Superman Triumphant” variant cover, both by Gary Frank!

REVIEW by Brian Fisher

There is no way in the world I could love Action Comics any more that I do right now. It has what every other Superman book is missing. Interesting stories, characters you care about, art that's top-notch and a Superman that actually "sounds" and "acts" like Superman. The Legion of Super Heroes story comes to a close in this issue as the LOSH take on the Justice League of Earth as the United Planets declares war on the human race. Gary Frank's artwork couldn't be any better (although the colorist should shade down his pallete) and his facial expressions rival those of Kevin Maguire. There's a lot of love in this story from Geoff Johns for the LOSH, and I can respect any writer that can take a group of upstart super hero kids and convincingly turn them into badass super hero adults.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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