Sunshine Patriots

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(W/A/CA) Howard Chaykin

You think you've read everything about Hollywood? Think Again! And when legendary creator Howard Chaykin is in the director's chair, expect the unexpected. Follow the adventures of two former members of Roosevelt's Rough Riders cavalry, who arrive in Hollywood in 1913 and find themselves caught in the web of a dangerous new world. As the first Sicilian mobsters make their way to the City of Angels, the two heroes find themselves recruited as mercenaries for the movie studios and drawn into the cutthroat world of cinema, with a front-row seat to the building of a new American empire. With its action-packed narrative and exciting new historical setting, Sunshine Patriots is a must-read for fans of the Western genre and anyone interested in the early days of Hollywood and the formation of one of the most important facets of modern American culture.
Date Available: 06/21/2023
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