Beware The Witchs Shadow Fangs For Memories

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(W) James Kuhoric & Various
(A) Ev Cantada
(CA) Puis Calzada

The wisecracking Witch is back with brand new tales of snarky horror presented in glorious gory black & white! Harken back to the golden age of horror when unsuspecting visitors find their way to the cabin of horrors. Within the walls of this haunted hovel lives a sorceress who spins dark yarns and flays the flesh from bones. Come with us for three tales of terror that will make you shiver and shake…and smile with wicked laughter. Beware the Witch's Shadow Fangs for the Memories comes with three covers - Main by Puis Calzada, Variant by Dan Parsons, and a special Risqué edition also by Calzada.
Date Available: 10/26/2022
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