Defective Comics Annual

Usual Price: $8.00

(W) Dave Sim
(A) David Birdsong & Various
(CA) Peter Doree & Various

48-Page Annual in the middle of Winter! All black costumes! The kind fans like! Guaranteed not to turn into symbiotes later on! Heraclitus' New All-Black Costume. 'My Girlfriend Fighting Crime With Her Hooters Out In An Otherwise All-Black Fishnet Body Stocking!' Spider-Vark's New Black Costume and the Amber Alert It Triggers! Borderline Bobbiey's New All-Black Costume: The Movie! 'SilverCerebus And His Amazing All-Black Electric-Car Costume'! And just to top it all off, FOX NEWS Gehenna debuts their FOX ZOOM with Kent Olsen program. Talk about confusing!
Date Available: 02/23/2022
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