Creepy And Crawly

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(W/A/CA) Sam McCandless

Hey Kids! Step inside the Creepy and Crawly Sideshow written and illustrated by Sam McCandless. We have so many wonderful oddities in store for you! The Cyclops, Snake Girl, Vampire Boy, and The Two headed Cutie-Pies. All of them amazing! Crawly the Spider will weave horrors that will astound you! This ones called... 'The Rotten Eggs Take Cupcake to Hell!' Boil and Scramble 'The Rotten Eggs' go see the Sideshow where they witness the most amazing oddity of them all a magical cupcake that makes everyone happy. The Rotten Eggs decide to take Cupcake to Hell to meet the Devil 'Scratch' to see if Cupcakes powers can cheer him up. Creepy the Clown and Crawly the Spider now must race into the Land of the Dead to get their magical friend back. All Hell is breaking loose and Death is not happy!
Date Available: 02/23/2022
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