Clay People Colossus

Usual Price: $4.99

(W) Matt Hawkins
(A/CA) Christian Dibari

A biracial boy in the Midwest uses a supernatural gift from his grandfather to push back against two older boys who are terrorizing him. In a tale inspired by the song 'Colossus' by heavy metal band THE CLAY PEOPLE, intolerance, drug addiction, poverty, and boredom collide into a perfect storm of grisly revenge! THE CLAY PEOPLE is a rock band hailing from Albany, New York. The band's self-titled debut album was released on Mercury/Slipdisc records; their furiously propulsive lead single 'Awake' climbed the radio charts and launched the band into an international touring act with the likes of Disturbed, Staind, Clutch, Rob Zombie, Static-X, Stabbing Westward, and Filter. 'Colossus' is from THE CLAY PEOPLE's latest album, Demon Hero.
Date Available: 03/16/2022
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