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WHEATON Location

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1207 E. Butterfield Rd.; Wheaton, IL 60187
Store Hours

Mon - Fri: 12pm-7pm
Sat: 10am-5pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm

STORE PHONE #  (630) 668-1350

Located in the First National Plaza, by Fox Bowl, east of Danada shopping center.  Between Route 53 & Route 59 on Route 56 (Butterfield Road).  We're on the second level.  And while there is an elevator, we highly recommend the stairs.

Call us, or check our EVENTS page to see our  HEROCLIX tournaments.

RIGHT near the COLLEGE of DuPAGE (College of DuPage is the third-largest single-campus community college in the nation and the second-largest institution of higher education in Illinois.)

Convenient parking in our spacious lot at the ground level


Graham Crackers Comics Wheaton has been named AMERICA'S MOST PATRIOTIC COMIC STORE!!!

The Chronicles of Who, Dr. Who fan club meet every first and third FRIDAY at our Wheaton location. 

Graham Crackers Comics Wheaton is also home to the premiere Masters of the Universe Fan Club-

Feel free to e-mail all Wheaton related inquiries to:


Jimmy P.S. Hayes - Manager
Professor of Archeology. Expert on the occult and how does one say it? Obtainer of rare antiquities.


Steve Banas
Born in Boston, Mass in 1986, Steve was yanked from Fenway Park, shackled, and now works for us. He's also got an awesome story about how when he was at a convention, his brother STOLE HIS COMPUTER!


Mikey Tunk
Mikey has been fired and re-hired more times than the late, great Billy Martin. Yet somehow he always seems to turn up. Come to think of it, Jimmy doesn't remember re-hiring him after the last firing, but Mikey's been showing up anyway. During the week Mikey makes a living selling clothes to 12 year old girls. Honest. UPDATE: FIRED AGAIN!!

Brandon Mattingly
Brandon started out as the typical annoying kid hanging around the comic store. After years of training he's now the annoying kid working at the comic store!! An expert in the field of Doctor Who and Dragonball, Brandon has come to be a very valuable member of the Wheaton team. He's also a HUGE Star Wars fan that ONLY likes Episode 2. Seriously



Taylor McKee
Taylor LOVES animals, AND is as fun as she looks. Bottom line, Taylor is awesome and she makes great cubee craft people!




Wheaton Store Testimonial:
        Hello, my name is Anthony, and I "used to be" an avid comic collector back in 1992...lolol...anyways I just wanted to toss you guys a compliment, if you don't mind...

I recently got back into collecting after an 11-year hiatus (a flood killed hundreds of comics that I had!!!!!) And I accidentally found your store in Wheaton. My car had over-heated and I pulled into the first plaza that I came across...Low-and-behold...COMICS was the first thing that I saw in this plaza, and I had to go in and scope it out....AWESOME!!!....I hadn't been in such a huge, clean, and knowledge-filled-employed comic book store in over 11 years...my old "regular place" I went to was this small hole-in-the-wall, that didn't offer as nearly as much kick-ass stuff that you guys offer!!!! I can only say that I felt this nostalgia over-whelm my inner-child when I was in there...Made me feel young again and sparked my complete interest in collecting once again....I will return, now that I know you're only 15 minutes away from my new house...

Thank you for your time
Anthony Kovalsky

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