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Releases for the Week of                
October 4th, 2006

Agents of Atlas #3
Amazing Spider-Girl #0
Beyond #4
Civil War Front Line #2 (2nd Print)
Civil War Front Line #3 (2nd Print)
Criminal #1
Doctor Strange Oath #1
Doctor Strange Oath #1 Incentive Cover
Fantastic Four #530 cw
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #13
Giant Size Wolverine #1
Heroes For Hire #1 (2nd Print)
Incredible Hulk #99
Irredeemable Ant-Man #1
Max Sampler
Marvel Team Up #25
New Avengers #21 (2nd Print)
Thunderbolts #104 (2nd Print)
X-Men Phoenix Warsong #2
X-Men Phoenix Warsong #1 2006 Summit Sketch Cover

52 Week #22
All New Atom #4
Detective Comics #824
Jonah Hex #12
Mystery In Space #2
Nightwing #125
Omac #4
Outsiders #41

American Splendor #2
Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere #9
Other Side #1
Y The Last Man #50

Battler Britton #4
Boys #3
Manifest Eternity #5
Nightmare on Elm St. #1
Nightmare on Elm St. #1 Incentive Cover
Winter Men #5

Aspen Seasons Summer 2006 #1
Buzzboy Sidekicks Rule #1
City of Heroes #16
Cross Bronx #2
Elephantmen #3
Emily the Strange #3
Fallen Angel #9
Fear Agent #8
Hunter Killer #8 Cassaday Cover
Hunter Killer #8 Silvestri Cover
Knights of the Dinner Table #119
Leading Man #3
Pistolfist Revolutionary Warrior #1
PS238 #18
PvP #28
Rocketo #12
Savage Brothers #2
Shadowhawk #15
Spike Asylum #2
Strange Girl #11
Street Fighter Legends Sakura #2 Dogan Cover
Street Fighter Legends Sakura #2 Lee Cover
Transformers Generations #8 Nick Roche cover
Transformers Generations #8 Cover B
Vault of Michael Allred #1
Villains #4

Complete Peanuts vol. 6
Complete Popbot Collection
Doctor Strange vs Dracula
Elfquest the Discovery
Infinite Crisis HC
Last Planet Standing
Spike vs Dracula
Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 7 HC
Wolverine Origin Premiere HC Cover A
Wolverine Origin Premiere HC Cover B

Inquest #139

Archie Digest #229
Betty & Veronica #221
GI Joe Sigma 6 vol. 1
Futurama Comics #27
Justice League Unlimited #26
Looney Tunes #143
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #20
Sonic the Hedgehog #167

Batman 13” Collector Figure
Terrax Mini-Bust

Hellblazer #189 Poster
Liberty Meadows T-Shirt

DC Superheroes How to Draw Kit

...you're gonna HATER this...

graham-tag-o-nism / gram-TAG-uh-niz-uhm

1. an active hostility or opposition, in regards to comic book reviews, between unfriendly or conflicting employees of Graham Crackers Comics.

2. a relationship between two species of simultaneous reviews in which the individuals of each opinion adversely affect the other, as in competition.

3. a weekly on-line comic book review column by
W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWER in which their opinions take precedence over yours.

W. DAL: Man! Quite a week for comics! Marvel comics, that is...W. DAL: Good lord, I don't even know where to begin. I've got a pounding headache, and I'm sure I'm going to take it out on comics in this week's Grahamtagonism. But it's a good week for it, I suppose. With our killer $1 NEWER COMIC SALE coming up Oct. 1st-3rd, we thought we'd give you the rundown on the good and bad of DC's One Year Later output, all of which can be had for only $1. But since they ain't ALL winners (except, uh, All Winners, but that's Marvel), let's call this what it is:

W. DAL: Grahamtagonism - One Year Hater.

PATRICK: Why does it have to be so? Don't blame us; we just tell it like it is. No punches pulled, no feelings spared. Spades are spades and pots and kettles both are black. Hmm, that sounds wrong... Let's just say that most of these roses don't smell so sweet.

W. DAL: So look for a change-up in our rating system: If a title has IMPROVED, it gets a "GREATER". If it's worse, a "HATER". Draw? Pfft. You don't know us at all, do you? But, to show no favorites, we're going to do this the way Jesus AND Sesame Street both commanded: Alphabetically... AND TO THE DEATH! First up, Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis.

PATRICK: Ouch. Seriously, no punches pulled, starting out with this book. Why can't Aquaman sustain his own title? Well when it's this bad, that's your answer in itself. Who is the 'new' Aquaman? Who is the mysterious squid-faced, water-handed narrator? Who buys this book? Almost no one anymore. This book had the on-paper pedigree to be one of the most anticipated OYL titles released. Apparently Busiek uses his left-over Conan plots and to be authentic Jackson Guice actually draws the comic under water. HATER.

W. DAL: Eh. I really dug the Pfeifer/Arcudi revision, with the Sub Diego stuff. And while I immediately enjoyed this, it very quickly wore out its welcome. Turns out "Conan, But Underwater" is only fun for three issues. HATER.

W. DAL: Alright, Batman's up next. The Robinson kick off was great, and I'm really having a blast with Grant Morrison's fun take on the Batman Family. As much as I liked Winnick's "Under The Hood" arc, this is still GREATER.

PATRICK: Even with the disappointing end to "Face the Face," Batman is in much better shape now. GREATER.

W. DAL: (4:12:34 PM): Man, DC publishes a ton of superhero books. We've got a huge list to cover, and no one ever really cares what Pat says, so let's LIGHTNING ROUND this thing. Ready? GO!

PATRICK: Birds of Prey: Gypsy? Shiva? An all-new Batgirl? Black Alice? Just barely, but HATER.

W. DAL: Birds of Prey: Yikes. If anything was a draw, it'd be this. I've tolerated this since Dixon left, and it never picked back up for me. HATER.

W. DAL: Catwoman: HATER HATER HATER. Somehow, Pfeifer does worse than the previous writer, HIMSELF. Terrible. HATER.

PATRICK: Catwoman: Let's focus the entire OYL stuff on one lame villain called the Film Freak. And have a new Catwoman. HATER.

PATRICK: Detective Comics: See "Batman" above. And with new writer Paul Dini on board, this book is the best it's been in years! GREATER.

W. DAL: Whee! Paul Dini's real good! And the art ranges from perfection to adequate, but at least it's got perfection in there. GREATER!

W. DAL: Firestorm The Nuclear Man: A fun book, finally firing on all cylinders. Or is that control rods? Either way, GREATER.

PATRICK: Firestorm: Changes into Firestorm the Nuclear Man. This book is as solid as any comic can be without being great. But it's never bad. GREATER.

PATRICK: Green Arrow: I was all set to drop this mediocre book, but was does Judd W. do? He makes a fun book. The Deathstroke stuff was actually neat! GREATER.

W. DAL: Green Arrow: Yeah, this gets the distinction of being the GOOD One Year Later book from Winnick. Can't wait for Red Hood to show up! GREATER.

W. DAL: Green Lantern: A little consistency goes a long way. Solid writing, beautiful art, big stories, every issue. GREATER.

PATRICK: Green Lantern: Same writer, just as good of an artist, yet sales drop? Why? This is a good book. GREATER.

PATRICK: Hawkgirl: HATER. That's all, just HATER. If that wasn't already in caps, it would be. Get me?

W. DAL: Hawkgirl: If this was a horse, they'd shoot it. If it was a dictator, they'd overthrow it. Since it's a comic. HATER.

W. DAL: JSA Classified: This week's is AWESOME! Hourman rules. The Englehart few BLOW. Vandal Savage arc was great. Overall, GREATER, but it was close.

PATRICK: JSA Classified: Didn't hold my interest enough for me to keep reading it. HATER.

PATRICK: Manhunter: Huh. Currently on hiatus, but coming back. Had the exact same creative team as OYPrevioust. Um... GREHATER.

W. DAL: Manhunter: I was so into this book that I forgot to read the last issue. Still, I like what I remembered to read. GREATER.

W. DAL: Nightwing: See "Hawkgirl". HATER.

PATRICK: Nightwing: HATE-HIM. I DO have higher hopes for the next issue's all-new creative team of Wolfman & Jurgens, but anyone else is a step up.

PATRICK: Outsiders: Here's where it gets ugly. Everyone likes the direction of this book. I think it's dull and plodding and directly contradicts better DCU books (Teen Titans). HATER.

W. DAL: Outsiders: Really? People like the direction of this book? That can't be true. If it was, that would mean there's no God. HATER.

W. DAL: Robin: More focused than under any writer since Dixon (there's that name again...), it's a fun book that could use a more seasoned artist at the helm. GREATER.

PATRICK: Robin: This Adam Beechum guy knows how to tell a good story. And even though they teased us with only one issue of Karl Kerchel art, I Love it! GREATER.

PATRICK: Supergirl: Only on the strength of the last 2 issues, after rightfully abandoning that awful Greg Rucka bottle city of Kandor story and letting Joe Kelly write what he wants, do I say GREATER.

W. DAL: Supergirl: Total, out of left field surprise. Never a fan of the first 8 issues, the last two have been PHENOMENAL! Probably in my top ten comics out right now. Super duper GREATER.

PATRICK: Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes: Wasn't a bad book before the 1001 Years Later storyline, but now unnecessarily has Supergirl. Still not a bad book but not as good as it was.

W. DAL: Yeah, Supergirl & Legion of Superheroes (or, if you prefer, SLOSH. I know YOU prefer being SLOSHed...) isn't real good. That thing's been on a downhill slide since issue 6. HATER.

W. DAL: Superman/Action: With Kurt Busiek writing (or co-writing) both, If you like one, you'll like both. Guess what? I like both. GREATER.

PATRICK: Superman/Action: GREATER.

PATRICK: Teen Titans: Geoff Johns makes this one of my current favorite reads in the whole DCU. GREATER.

W. DAL: Teen Titans: Yeah, READS, not LOOKSIES. Great stories, awful, awful art. But still characters like Zatara make this GREATER.

W. DAL: Lastly, and this one is apt to split us right down the middle, Jimmy PS Hayes One Year Later: Too many ‘bogus’ illnesses, too many days off, not enough Bamboo Room stories all equal HATER.

PATRICK: Jimmy PS Hayes: Thanks to all the new candy he discovers weekly, just like his waistline I have to say GREATER. Oh, man that was so mean! At least I didn’t say GREATER like the visible area of his forehead!

MIKE WALL: GREAT! GREAT! YOU can pick up next week!!
  4 Grahams for Mike Wall.

New Creative Team!

DC Comics

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