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Releases for the Week of
Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man #569 2nd print
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Laughing Corpse #1
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Laughing Corpse #1 Monkey Cvr
Cable #7
Cable #7 Corben Zombie Incentive Cvr
Civil War: House of M #2
Eternals #5
Eternals #5 Nguyen Incentive Cvr
March On Ultimatum Saga
Marvel Apes #3
Marvel Apes #3 Buscema Incentive Cvr
New Exiles #12
Punisher War Journal #24
Sub-Mariner The Depths #2
Venom: Dark Origin #3

Batman #680 regular cvr
Batman #680 1 in 20 Variant cvr
DC Universe Decisions #2
El Diablo #2
Jonah Hex #36
Justice League of America #25
Manhunter #35
Nightwing #149
Supergirl #34
Supergirl #34 1 in 10 Variant Cvr
Terror Titans #1
Tor #6
Trinity #18
Vixen Return of the Lion #1

Army@Love Art of War #3
Hellblazer Presents Chas Knowledge #4
House of Mystery #6

Authority #3
Top Ten Season Two #1

Army of Darkness #13 nieves
Army of Darkness #13 sejic
Battlestar Galactica Origins #10 art
Battlestar Galactica Origins #10 photo
Beyond Wonderland #2
Blood Bowl #4 Killer Contract
Boys #23 a
Boys #23 b
Boys #23 cassaday
Challenger Deep #2
City of Dust #1 langley
City of Dust #1 parrilo
City of Dust #1 rambaud
City of Dust #1 suydam
City of Dust #1 zid
Creature Feature #1
Doktor Sleepless #9
Doktor Sleepless #9 inc
Doktor Sleepless #9 wrap
Dreamland Chronicles IDW #4
Fire & Brimstone #2
Four Eyes #1
Four Eyes #1 bw
Four Eyes #1 fc
Gearz #4
Invincible #53
Jazan Wilds Funhouse of Horrors #1 House of Horrors
Man With No Name #4
Men of Mystery #73
Monsterpocalypse #1
No Hero #1
No Hero #1 ds
No Hero #1 w
Odd Squad #2 fraim
Odd Squad #2 oeming
Pistolfist #3
Ray Harryhausen Presents Back Mysterious Island #3
Ray Harryhausen Presents the Elementals #1
Red Mass for Mars #2
Savage Dragon #138
Sparks #4
Transformers Best of UK Time Wars #3
Transformers Best of UK Time Wars #3 retro
Transformers Movie Prequel Saga of the Allspark #4
Transformers Movie Prequel Saga of the Allspark #4 b
Voltron A Legend Forged #3 bear
Voltron A Legend Forged #3 blaylock
Voltron A Legend Forged #3 mcdonald
Voltron A Legend Forged #3 seeley
Warlash Dark Noir Vol 1
Witchblade #121
Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons #4 balan
Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons #4 Fishman
ZMD Zombies of Mass Destruction #2

Alcoholic HC
American Dream Beyond Courage TPB
Black Heart Billy Color ED TPB
Blue Beetle Vol 4 Endgame TPB
Boys Vol 3 TPB
Cairo SC
Complete Peanuts HC Vol 10
Countdown to Final Crisis Vol 3 TPB
Covers of Dungeons & Dragons HC
Dark Tower Long Road Home HC
Digger Vol 1 TPB
Essex County Vol 3 Country Nurse TPB
Forgotten Realms Dark Elf Trilogy Omnibus
Ghost Whisperer Haunted
Green Arrow Black Canary The Wedding Album HC
Green Lantern Revenge Of The Green Lanterns TPB
Green Lantern Wanted Hal Jordon HC
Harvey Comics Classics TP Vol 04 Baby Huey TPB
Harvey Comics Classics Vol. 2 Richie Rich TPB
Justice Vol 2 TPB
Marvel Boy Prem DM ED HC
Marvel Zombies TPB Hulk Cvr
Marvel Zombies TPB Iron Man Cvr
Marvel Zombies TPB Spider-man Cvr
Number of the Beast TPB
Predator Omnibus Vol 4
Punisher MAX From First To Last TPB
Rose TPB
Savage Sword of Conan Vol 4 TPB
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol 9
The Spirit Vol 2 HC
Star Trek New Frontier TPB
Superman 3rd Kryptonian TPB
Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collected Books Vol 4 TPB
Transformers More Then Meets The Eye Vol. 1
Ultimate Iron Man II Prem HC
Ultimate Iron Man II Prem DM ED HC
Undersea Adventures Of Captain Eli Vol 2 TPB
Vampirella Crimson Chronicles Maximum TPB

2000 AD #1603
2000 AD #1604
Alter Ego #81
Doctor Who Magazine #400
Femme Fatales Vol. 17 #4
Scrye #126
Shonen Jump November 2008
Spider-Man Magazine #3

Batman Strikes #50
Betty #176
Futurama Comics #39
Looney Tunes #167
Pals N Gals Double Digest #125

Ame Comi Donna Troy Vinyl Figure
Ame Comi Zatanna Vinyl Figure
Indiana Jones Basic Action Figure Assortment 06
Indiana Jones Mini Bust
Marvel Select Thor Figure
Women of the DCU Series 2 Huntress Bust

New Release List Glossary

INCENTIVE COVER = A cover that is more rare than a regular cover.  For example, a “1 in 10” Incentive means that for every 10 regular covers there is 1 of the Incentive cover available.  Prices vary depending on the rarity of the Incentive.

VARIANT COVER = A cover that is printed in an equal ratio to the regular cover.  For example, "Captain America: The Chosen" has 2 covers for each issue, printed in a 1-for-1 ratio.  For every Charest drawn cover there is a Brewister-drawn cover. 

HC = Hardcover

SC = Softcover

(2nd PRINT) = A previously released comic that has been reprinted by the publisher after their initial print run has sold out.  Usually has a different cover than the first printing.

(3rd PRINT) = Same as above, only printed after the 2nd Printing has sold out from the publisher.

MMW = Marvel Masterworks, Marvel Comics' hardcover, full-color collections of older material. Usually $50 or more.

ARCHIVE = DC Comics' hardcover, full-color collections of older material. Usually $50 or more.

ESSENTIAL = Marvel Comics' softcover, black & white collections of older material, printed on less expensive paper. Usually $20 or less.

SHOWCASE = Showcase Presents..., DC Comics' softcover, black & white collections of older material, printed on less expensive paper. Usually $20 or less.

MA = Marvel Adventures, Marvel Comics' all-ages accessible line of comics and digests.

RIP #680

DC Comics

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