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Releases for the Week of                
September 27th, 2006

All New Official Handbook #9
Amazing Spider-Man #535 cw
Black Panther #20
Cable Deadpool #32 cw
Captain America #22 cw
Civil War Front Line #6
Civil War Young Avengers Runaways #3
Daily Bugle October
Daredevil #89
Daredevil #89 Incentive Sketch Cover
Eternals #4
Eternals #4 Romita Incentive Cover
Heroes for Hire #2 cw
Punisher #38
She Hulk #12
Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man
Ultimate Spider-Man #100
Ultimate Spider-Man #100 Ed Bagley Jr. Incentive Cover
Ultimates 2 #12
X-Men #191
Zombie #1

52 Week #21
Batman #657
Batman & Mad Monk #2
Batman Journey Into night #12
Blue Beetle #7
Hawkgirl #56
JSA Classified #17
Justice League of America #2
Justice League of America #2 Incentive Cover
Secret Six #4
Supergirl #10
Supergirl & LSH #22
Teen Titans #39
Trials of Shazam #2
Uncle Sam & Freedom Fighters #3
Warlord #8

American Virgin #7
Bite Club Vampire Crime Unit #5
Jack of Fables #3
Loveless #11

Albion #6
American Way #8
Ninja Scroll #1
Ninja Scroll #1 Incentive Cover
Snakes on a Plane #2

Battlestar Galactica #1 foil edition
Clive Barker’s Great & Secret Show #6
CSI Dying in the Gutter #2
Invincible #35
Lions Tigers & Bears vol. 2 #3
Ninja High School #142
Northwest Passage #3
Ramayan 3392AD #1
Red Sonja Monster Island Marcos Cover
Red Sonja Monster Island Chiang Cover
Sadhu #3
Second Wave War of the Worlds #6
Shonen Jump #47
Snakewoman #3
Sock Monkey Inches Incident #1
Spawn #160
Spike Asylum #1
Spike Asylum #1 incentive
Tarot #40
Transformers Evolutions Hearts of Steel #4
True Story Swear to God #1
Usagi Yojimbo #97
Wonderland #2
Zombies #4

Berserk vol. 13
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service vol. 1

Daredevil vol. 6 HC
Daughters of the Dragon
Deadworld Dead Killer
Enemy Ace Archives vol. 2 HC
Essential Tales of Zombie
Essential Thor vol. 3
Haunt of Edgar Allen Poe HC
JSA vol. 11
Justice vol. 1 HC
Losers Endgame
Marvel Heroes Movie Theater Storybook
Masters of Horror
Otherworld vol. 1
Shenzhen Travelogue from China HC
Superman Up Up and Away
Thor Eternals Saga
Ultimate Iron Man vol. 1
Walking Dead vol. 5

Comics Journal #278
Juxtapoz vol. 14 #10
Newtype English #106
Previews Adult
Sketch #30
Wizard #181 Civil War X-Men Cover
Wizard #181 Horror Mania Cover

Bart Simpson Treehouse of Horror #12
Betty & Veronica Digest #169
Cartoon Network Block Party #25
Sabrina vol. 2 #79
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #10
Teen Titans Go #35
Uncle Scrooge #358
Walt Disney’s Comics #673

Cartooning Foundation Course

Infinite Crisis Series 1
Marvel Select Cloak & Dagger

Supergirl Smile

...why do we bother with...

graham-tag-o-nism / gram-TAG-uh-niz-uhm

1. an active hostility or opposition, in regards to comic book reviews, between unfriendly or conflicting employees of Graham Crackers Comics.

2. a relationship between two species of simultaneous reviews in which the individuals of each opinion adversely affect the other, as in competition.

3. a weekly on-line comic book review column by
W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWER in which their opinions take precedence over yours.

W. DAL: Man! Quite a week for comics! Marvel comics, that is...

PATRICK: Yes, I marvel at their output. Y'know, when their books actually ship, that is.

W. DAL: But when they do ship... BAM! It's a Civil War right in the kisser!

PATRICK: Wait, did Civil War come out this week? It's been so long I thought that story ended months ago. Cap's side won, right?

W. DAL: Well, yes and no. Cap's side won in the now-classic Curly Fries or Potato Cakes War (curly fries, DUR!) back in August, but this Civil War, it ain't over yet. There's some Mjolniring to get through first!

PATRICK: Yeah, but fake, cloned, Mjolniring with electric hammers. "Hey look everyone, we made you wait many, many extra weeks to find out this was a scam! Hah! We're Marvel and you suck for liking us!"

W. DAL: Aw, boo! I dug it. Clone Thor FLIPPED OUT! That was a totally cool, comic geek moment, watching him beat the Hel out of everyone! I think you're just mad that Cap keeps getting his @$$ handed to him. Spoilsport.

PATRICK: Remember this day, Bush, this is the day that everything changes for you. This is the day that starts the irreversible trend of you now being wrong until the end of time. On the plus side, the end of your time is only about a month away. When does your Mom come to visit?

PATRICK: Iron Man is a jackass. Next week's Captain America gives what this whole series has been missing, a succinct explanation as to why Captain America is on the side he's on. And it doesn't give him choppy, recycled Ultimates dialog in the process.

W. DAL: Wha? I read that Cap too, Mister, and besides more bad Mike Perkins art, I didn't see anything that shed more light on Cap's motivation. Plenty for Agent 13, not much more for Cap. But that's okay. 'Cause Ultimates-flavored exchanges aside, Cap and Iron Man come off the most well-rounded of anyone in Civil War. Not like everyone else...

PATRICK: Did you READ the Cap issue or give it the traditional WDB "glance." Cap's post-coital conversation with Sharon in the hotel lays everything down. Everything that hadn’t just gotten laid, I mean.

W. DAL: Terrible. Thanks for that awful wordplay. And speaking of awful wordplay... exchanging famous quotations? That constitutes a meaningful exchange of ideas to you? Millar's giving us MEMORABLE Cap quotes all over the place, but all Brubaker can offer is stuff from the Revolutionary War? Plus: Shouldn't SHIELD send, like, a platoon of guys after Cap? Not TWO?

PATRICK: "This 'A' doesn't stand for France!" THAT'S terrible. Oh, I forgot--you love Mark Millar because he co-wrote Aztek. Clearly I'll never win this argument so let's move on.

PATRICK: What's something you liked that I could trash for a while?

W. DAL: Sue Storm leaves a cold, analytical Dear John for Reed! Awesome, in-character, and totally heartbreaking. But lets hear why it's dumb dumb dumb...

PATRICK: It's not dumb. It IS in character, but it should also A) be irreversible and B) happen in their own book. Can't wait to read the all-introspection issue of FF that rehashes all this, and badly, thanks to the once fresh, now tired JMS.

PATRICK: Too much happens to characters with their own books in the pages of Civil War. Sure, c-listers like (Black) Goliath bite it, and that's fine, but leave something for the real books other than catch-up.

W. DAL: Yeah, but that's what's GREAT about Civil War. Who wants to read a huge event book where nothing happens? The big stuff HAS to happen in Civil War. Then the tie-ins can flesh out and fill in any of the blanks. It's the best Marvel event ever, and you want it to be more like Operation Galactic Storm. Sure, that had a fun videogame ("Thank you, Quicksilver!"), but an AWFUL comic.

PATRICK: This is stupid and I no longer have the patience for it.

PATRICK: If Civil War #4 had been on time, maybe I'd give it a 7, but as it stands,
  6 Grahams. Good night.

W. DAL: Uh, okay. That was abrupt. I'll go
  8 Grahams, and cross my fingers for another Grahamtagonism anytime soon. Have fun!


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