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Releases for the Week of                
August 30th, 2006

All New Official Handbook #8
Black Panther #19
Cable Deadpool #31
Civil War Young Avengers Runaways #2
Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters #2
Kabuki #7 Mack Cover
Kabuki #7 Jae Lee Cover
Marvel Spotlight Brubaker/Tan
Mythos Hulk
She Hulk #11
Ultimate Fantastic Four #33
Ultimate X-Men Annual #2
X-Factor #10
X-Men #190
X-Men Fairy Tales #4

52 Week #17
Action Comics #842
All-Star Superman #5
Batman Journey Into Knight #11
JLA Classified #26
Justice #7
Man-Bat #5
Solo #12
Superman Batman #29
Teen Titans #38
Trials of Shazam #1
Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #2

American Virgin #6
Loveless #10

American Way #7
Boys #2
Snakes on a Plane #1

Battlestar Galactica #1 Turner Cover
Battlestar Galactica #1 Tan Cover
Battlestar Galactica #1 Raynor Cover
Battlestar Galactica #1 Photo Cover
City of Heroes #15
Cobb Off the Leash #3
CSI Dying in the Gutters #1
Cyberforce #5 Cover A
Cyberforce #5 Cover B
Cyberforce #5 B&W Incentive Cover
Doc Frankenstein #5 Skroce Cover
Doc Frankenstein #5 Sketch Cover
Dragon’s Lair #1
Fallen Angel #8
GI Joe Transformers vol. 3 #5 Cover A
GI Joe Transformers vol. 3 #5 Cover B
Gold Digger #77
Kade Sun of Perdition #1
Knights of the Dinner Table #118
Low Orbit preview book
Rocketo #11
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #1 Cho Cover
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #1 Texeria Cover
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #1 Homs Cover
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #1 Cho Negative Incentive Cover
Strange Girl #10
Transformers Evolutions Hearts of Steel #3 Cover A
Transformers Evolutions Hearts of Steel #3 Sketch Cover B
Ursa Minors #2
Usagi Yojimbo #96
Wormwood Gentleman Corpse #2
Wormwood Gentleman Corpse #2 Incentive Cover
X Isle #2

Battle Vixens vol. 9
Case Closed vol. 13
Iron Wok Jan vol. 19
One Piece vol. 12
Path of the Assassain vol. 2
Scary Book vol. 3
Tenjho Tenge vol. 9
Yoshitaka Amano Hero vol. 1 HC
Yu Gi Oh Duelist vol. 17

9/11 Report Graphic Adaptation
CSI Casefiles vol. 1
Decimation 198
Essential Punisher Vol. 1 (new printing)
Green Lantern Greatest Stories Ever Told
GI Joe Americas Elite Vol. 2
Gremlins HC
Lost Girls Slipcase HC
Nextwave Agents of H.A.T.E. HC vol. 1
Onirika Art of Simone Bianchi
Rex Mundi vol. 3
Showcase Presents Batman vol. 1
Star Wars Dark Empire II (new printing)
Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 16 Deadpool

Dreamwatch USA #23
Newtype English #105
Tomarts Action Figure Digest #147

Betty & Veronica Double Digest #149
Betty & Veronica Spectacular #75
Haunted Mansion #4
Little Lulu Color Special TP
Open Season Cinemanga
Teen Titans Go #34

Buffy: Pylean Princess Cordelia
Franike Raye Mini-Bust
Hawkeye Statue
Marvel Icons Spider-Man Bust
Shocker Mini-Bust

Self-Publishing for Dummies

Batman 16 Month
Justice League 16 Month

...we have no idea what's going on...

How do you know what to/not to read?  Each week, your online hosts W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWER give you a stack of worthless opinions about some comics you just read. Or didn't read. Or didn't know you want to read. Whichever.  After all, without their opinions, you'd just have to rely on your own, and no one wants that.

PATRICK: Oh no! W. Dal is on vacation for the next three days! How ever will I do Grahamtagonism?? Quick—to Dr.Doom’s time platform!

PATRICK: Must set it to Tuesday night… careful...

PATRICK: Made it!

PATRICK: Hey, Dal, it’s Tuesday night. You want to Grahamtagonize NOW?


W. DAL: Supergirl was AWESOME, by the way.

PATRICK: Really? Did I even grab it...? (Jumps back to time platform)

PATRICK: Yes, yes I did.

W. DAL: This Joe Kelly kid's still got it.

W. DAL: The best issue of that series yet. Not saying much, admittedly, but...

W. DAL: You read anything else yet?

PATRICK: USM, 52, Flash, Astonishing, Walking Dead

W. DAL: Flash looked AMAZING this month!

W. DAL: Karl Kerschel polished that turd up something fierce!

PATRICK: Yeah, but it was still an awful read.

W. DAL: Oh, god yes. But so pretty.

PATRICK: We've never Grahamtagonized USM...

W. DAL: Ultimate Spider-Man... hmm. Good, but a bit of a confusing placeholder. Part 3 of 6 indeed.

W. DAL: What'd you think of USM, first off?

PATRICK: While I don't believe most of it is real, and there was no actual Spider-Man in it, I liked it. It made me go, "What the Hell?"

W. DAL: Oh, totally. A great mind-****, but nothing to last more than one story arc.

PATRICK: Sure. And how many times can we get the "I'm gonna tell Aunt May the truth!" story only to have it not be told? Sure it WAS told this time, but it won't stick.

W. DAL: And a cool reveal, but one so preposterous it basically looks the reader in the face and says "Yeah, it's all a fake-out. See you for #100!" I like my shocks to be a little less obvious, you know?

PATRICK: Fortunately for us, and I usually hate when Chris Claremont has the characters describe the action, Aunt May was kind enough to identify the shocking visitor. I mean I thought it was him, but it could have been a younger, pony-tale-less Uncle Ben for all I knew.

W. DAL: Yeah but, again, when the end of last issue had Gwen coming back, I thought, y'know, it's Bendis. He's just crazy enough to try something like this. But this character? No. No way, not even for a second did I think it was real.

PATRICK: It probably isn't.  I do like that calling this the clone saga seems more a reference to the 1970's Spider-Clone, not Ben Riley.

W. DAL: Yeah, or Attack of the Clones. Remember that one? Star Wars movie? 2002? Not very good?

PATRICK: Actually I never saw that one. I saw one and three with you at midnight screenings, but I mercifully passed on 2.

W. DAL: Eh. It was alright, but SWEET JESUS was the dialogue bad. Like, Even For Lucas bad.

PATRICK: (steady now, we're drifting...)

W. DAL: (Are we? Don't comic-nerds love Star Wars? Our little nerd-hearts swoon for gaudy plastic lightsabers and insultingly bad comics... oh, $#!t. I am drifting. Sorry.)

W. DAL: Speaking of bad... WHAT HAPPENED TO 52? Is this the book I declared "the comic to beat" just a few months ago? Well, it got beat alright. By itself!

PATRICK: Awwww... still upset that Mary Marvel doesn't return your emails?

PATRICK: I notice she isn't wearing white anymore, you devil, and it’s still before Labor Day.

W. DAL: That girl's just a tease. Whatever. No, I'm more upset about something else. After many years and many great stories (most by Greg Rucka), DC finally got me to say this: I DON'T WANT TO READ ABOUT MONTOYA OR THE QUESTION ANY MORE!

PATRICK: How about Montoya AS The Question? I say that's the end of this storyline.

W. DAL: What is the point of such a large, Diverse Cast if I've got to read about DC's Wackiest Couple every friggin' week? Pun intended, by the by. Double pun for bonus points!

W. DAL: Zing!

PATRICK: What bonus points?

W. DAL: I... yeah, I got nothing. Thanks for pointing that out!

PATRICK: Minus points for point-pointing-outing.

W. DAL: Outing! See, awesome!

W. DAL: It's a game we ALL can play! Thanks, DC! Anyway...

PATRICK: Say what you will about this week's 52, next week is when it gets good again. Fraggingly good.

W. DAL: Eh. I hope so.

PATRICK: Don't worry--Rucka can't ruin EVERY issue!

W. DAL: It's hard to tell WHO's ruining it. That's the downside of inaccurate credits - who do I blame for this issue?

PATRICK: Okay, let's play this game. I say Geoff Johns is doing the Black Adam stuff. Greg Rucka is the Montoya/Question story.

PATRICK: Grant Morrison is Steel.

W. DAL: See, that's the obvious way to look at it, but DC keeps saying that everyone's writing everything. So one issue Montoya's in a Rucka scene, the next she's a Waid girl. So that's why I wish I could say "Hey, next issue Rucka's back on the Montoya plot; should be good again." Instead, I find out it's awful when it hits me in the face. Like this week.

PATRICK: But the basic concepts, the framework, those aren't a joint idea. They have to originate from somewhere...

W. DAL: Well, like all ideas, they come from Jesus Christ. Except Morrison's, those're peyote and absinthe.

PATRICK: When there's nothing left to all/The colors that you sprayed upon it/Passing judgment on my life/You never really got it right/I can't believe in anything/I don't believe in anything/Do you believe in anything/Do you believe me now/Look like Jesus Christ/Act like Jesus Christ I know.../Here's your Jesus Christ/I'm your Jesus Christ I know...

W. DAL: Someone was grabbing Besides from Sugar from me off of Soulseek last night. Allegedly!

PATRICK: Look like Morrison/Act like Morrison I know...

W. DAL: The joke is I needed bandwidth for Azureus so I booted 'em. Sorry dude! Allegedly!

W. DAL: Sweet Hairy Mike Wall let's wrap this monstrosity up. I think we've written clear through to next week's Grahamtagonism!


W. DAL: Supergirl gets
9 Grahams.
Ultimates Annual,
7 Grahams.
Squadron Supreme,
5 Grahams.
0 Grahams.
Matt Streets,
4 Grahams sober, 7 Grahams drunk.
Flash gets
6 Grahams, but more if anyone else wrote it. Seriously, ANYONE.
Ultimate Spidey,
7 Grahams.
Attack of the Clones,
6 Grahams.
5 Grahams.
8 Grahams, still near and dear.
File sharing IS ILLEGAL, and Graham Crackers does not endorse the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials. Let Freedom Ring!

W. DAL: And you?

PATRICK: File sharing, 10 Grahams.
Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials, 10 Grahams.
Freedom Ring, the new Robert Kirkman hero in Marvel Team-Up, 5 Grahams.
IBC black cherry soda, 7 Grahams.
Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, 10 Grahams.
Aztek, 10 Grahams.
Did I miss anything?

W. DAL: Just our common sense. Check it out, kids! A completely impromptu Grahamtagonism! No planning, no script, no hope! ALL FOR YOU! Tune in next week for more of something or other. And why not? It's free! Free like file-sharin---THIS WEBSITE IS NOW THE PROPERTY OF THE MPAA. PLEASE COME BACK NEXT WEEK FOR AN IN-DEPTH FEATURE ON MOVIES, CALLED "MOVIES: GREAT OR GREATEST?" ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY. EXTERMINATE. EXTERMINATE!------

PATRICK: Wheeeee! Let’s never do this on a Tuesday night again.

W. DAL: Hey, I don't have to work tomorrow morning. What's your excuse?  

PATRICK: I've got to return stolen hardware to a Latverian dictator...

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