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Releases for the week of                
June 7th, 2006

Annihilation Silver Surfer 3
Civil War Front Line 1
Fantastic Four First Family 4
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 9
Fury Peacemaker 5
Last Planet Standing 3
Marvel Spotlight Millar/McNiven
Marvel Team Up 21
New X-Men 27
Punisher 34
Underworld 5
X-Men The End Men and X-Men 6

52 Week 5
Batman Journey Into Knight 10
Batman Secrets 4
Blood of the Demon 16
Detective Comics 820
Hard Time Season Two 7
Jonah Hex 8
JSA 86
Outsiders 37
Superman Returns: Krypton to Earth
Wonder Woman 1
Wonder Woman 1 Variant Cover

Exterminators 6
Y The Last Man 46

Manifest Eternity 1

Archenemies 3
BPRD Universal Machine 3
Cyberforce 0
Deadbeats 76
Furrlough 159
GI Joe Declassified 1 Cover A
GI Joe Declassified 1 Cover B
Grimm Fairy Tales 6
Hector Plasm De Mortus
Invincible 32
Lubas Comics & Stories 8
Mouse Guard 3
Noble Causes 20
Poison Elves Dominion 4
Shadowhawk 12
Soulfire Chaos Reign 0
Star Wars Legacy 0
Walking Dead 28

Cannon God Exxaxion Stage 5 vol. 5
Oh! My Goddess vol. 23 RTL
Tezukas Buddha vol. 8 HC

Action Philosophers vol. 1
Art of X-Men The Last Stand
Batman Under the Hood vol. 2
DE Tales vol. 1
DMZ vol. 1 On the Ground
Embroideries SC
Essential Fantastic Four vol. 5
Fantastic Four by JMS vol. 1 HC
Fantastic Four Iron Man Big in Japan
Majestic vol. 2
Modern Masters vol. 7 John Byrne
Power Girl
Punisher vs. Bullseye
Spider-Girl vol. 6
Superman Doomsday Omnibus
Superman Our Worlds At War Complete Edition.
Treasury Victorian Murder vol. 8 HC Madeline Smith

Alter Ego 59
Dungeon 136
Inquest 135
Lost Official Magazine 5
Lost Official Magazine 5 Previews Cover
Star Wars Insider 88

Betty & Veronica 218
Betty & Veronica Digest 166
Justice League Unlimited 22
Looney Tunes 139
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 16
Sabrina vol. 2 #76

Superman Returns 13” Figure

X-Men The Last Stand Movie Cards

Wizard Basic Training: Storytelling

...39 of e-mail postage...

Your online host(s) W. DAL BUSH and an absent PATRICK BROWER present this week's weekly recap of recapped weekly goodness.


W. DAL: GRAHAMTAGONISM gets half as funny (but twice as mean) this time out, as Patrick is unable to participate. But don't you worry, Cupcake. You the reader get a chance to ruin/contribute to GRAHAMTAGONISM as we stare into the yawning abyss of the Reader Mail Bag and find out what stares back. That's sort of our mission statement here: "Horrifying and amusing in equal measure!" On with the mail...

First up is Stephen M. from NYC who asks "I'm looking for a good Image book for my girlfriend. What should I pick up?"

W. DAL: Well, I'd recommend Image's "Savage Dragon vs. Age of Bronze", since it's as imaginary as your girlfriend. Assuming you're just looking for something a little less superhero-y for yourself or a sister/cousin/crush-on-a-girl-from-work-who's-half-your-age, it's nearly impossible to get a better comic these days than "Walking Dead", and LUCKY YOU there's four trades available. That'll keep you from inventing girlfriends for at least two weeks.

Claudia G. from NYC writes "There's a creepy dude at my work who wants to get me a comic. What's a fun comic I'd like that's also heavy enough to bludgeon him with if he grabs me?"

W. DAL: Jesus. How many times do I need to answer this question? As always, the premier graphic novel/weapon is Craig Thompson's "Blankets". Not only is it the most heartfelt, gut-wrenching, body-part-analogying story about first love you're going to see in a comic, it will also cave in a man's skull. That's actually part of Jeff Smith's endorsement on the back cover. Or was that Charles Manson's? Either way.

John W. from Orlando, FL asks "I'm joining the circus tomorrow and I need to grab a Graphic Novel to read, but it can't be something that the carnys will laugh at me for. Any thoughts? I need the carnys to like me."

W. DAL: Who doesn't? We've all done awful things to get carnys to leave us alone. Awful, awful things. I... I don't want to talk about it. Still, there's worse ways to earn the trust of hygienically-challenged migrants than reading Garth Ennis' MAX run on "Punisher". All at once it's violent, dramatic, hilarious... such a manly, awesome book. They'll make you King of The Carnys! Bad news though; Queen of the Carnys is Carny Wilson. Bring money for a bus ride home!

Sam D. from Oswego, IL writes "I thought I asked to put New Avengers on my list."

W. DAL: You know how you can tell you didn't? It's not on your list. Seriously, if you want to add it, just ask. Don't preface it with this whole "there's no way I can be at fault so you must have screwed up" thing. It's really kind of rude, okay?

Daniel H. out of San Francisco, CA wants to know "My parents found out that I've been keeping a blog and they're burning all my comics as punishment. They're out getting more lighter fluid and I can save one book. Quick! Help me decide!"

W. DAL: Why should I, blogger? Am I to undermine your parents? As they're trying to safeguard the very fabric of our civilization? But still... Alright. One book. Hmm. "WE3", from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Or "JLA: Earth 2" by same. Whichever is less immolated. Either book is pretty much the pinnacle of modern comics storytelling, WE3 coming at it in a sci-fi context, while Earth 2 covers the superhero bases pretty thoroughly. If you never got those two, well... you've heard of karma, right? That's just the universe's way of saying "You brought this on yourself! We could overlook the bloggery, but now this? You force our theoretical hands!" So there. Type that in your blog and smoke it, Bloggy!

Finishing up, Dudley K. asks "I tried to e-mail in for the Mail Bag, but I can't find a link. How d'you get a letter sent in?"

W. DAL: You don't. All the letters are totally made up, including yours. That should've been a dead giveaway, a letter about not being able to send a letter. It's a blatant clue, isn't it?

W. DAL: There you have it! Mail Bag. Sorry it had to come to this, but since we're Brower-less, and new comics are a day late this week, there really wasn't a choice. Sorry. Next week there's (hopefully) the big new Wonder Woman book to check out, plus comics come out on Wednesday as usual. In the meantime, keep those letters coming! Seriously, though. Don't.

PATRICK: Okay Dal, I’m ready for GRAHAMTAGONISM!

W. DAL: Um, gottagobye!



PATRICK: Sonofa…

The Amazon Returns
DC Comics

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