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Releases for the Week of                
Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man #549
Amazing Spider-Man #549 (1 in 20) Finch Incentive Cover
Anita Blake Guilty Pleasures #8
Anita Blake Guilty Pleasures #8 (1 in 10) Booth Incentive Cover
Annihilation Conquest #4
Clandestine #1
Lords of Avalon Sword of Darkness #1
Lords of Avalon Sword of Darkness #1 (1 in 10) Grummet Incentive
Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick #1
Moon Knight #15
Ms Marvel #24
Omega Unknown #5
Silver Surfer In Thy Name #4
Twelve #2
Uncanny X-Men #495

All New Atom #20
Batman Confidential #12
Countdown Special OMAC
Countdown to Final Crisis #12
Detective Comics #841
Green lantern Corps #20 (2nd Print)
Infinity Inc #6
Jonah Hex #28
Justice Society of America #12
Justice Society of America #12 (1 in 10) Incentive Cover
Metal Men #6
Nightwing #141
Supergirl #26
Teen Titans Year One #2

Fables #69
Northlanders #3
Northlanders #3 (1 in 10) Incentive Cover
Scalped #14
Vinyl Underground #5

Midnighter #16
Wildstorm Revelations #3

Abe Sapien the Drowning #1
Army of Darkness Long Road Home #6 Neves Cover
Army of Darkness Long Road Home #6 (1 in 4) Mystery Cover
Battlestar Galactica Origins #2 Laguna Cover
Battlestar Galactica Origins #2 Photo Cover
Boys #15
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #11
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #11 (1 in 4) Incentive Cover
Circle #3
Crawl Space XXXombies #3
Darkness #2 Keown Cover A
Darkness #2 Sejic Cover B
Doktor Sleepless #5
Doktor Sleepless #5 Wrap Cover
Doktor Sleepless #5 Incentive Cover
Dragonlance Chronicles vol. 3 #7 Gopez Cover A
Dragonlance Chronicles vol. 3 #7 Walpole Cover B
Dreadnaught Invasion Six #1
Eve Vampire Diva #3
Full Cirkle II #1
Halloween Nightdance #1 Seeley Cover A
Halloween Nightdance #1 Sienkiewicz Cover B
Halloween Nightdance #1 Cunningham Cover C
Jungle Girl #4 Cho Cover
Jungle Girl #4 (1 in 4) Batista Incentive Cover
Jungle Girl #4 (1 in 15) Cho Virgin Incentive Cover
Maintenance #8
North Wind #2
Overman #3
Phantom #21
SCUD the Disposable Assassin #21
Space Doubles #1
Spawn #175
Speed Racer Chronicles of the Racer #1
Speed Racer Chronicles of the Racer #1 (1 in 15) Su Incentive
Star Wars Legacy #19
Star Wars Rebellion #11
Sword of Dracula Vampirella Harris Cover A
Sword of Dracula Vampirella Cover B
Transformers Beast Wars Sourcebook #4
Transformers Devastation #5 Cover A
Transformers Devastation #5 Cover B
Transformers Devastation #5 (1 in 20) Roche Incentive Cover
True Story Swear to God #10
Ubu Bubu #1
Warhammer Forge of War #5 Cover A
Warhammer Forge of War #5 Cover B
Wasteland #14
Witchblade #115 Sara Pezzini Cover A
Witchbalde #115 Cover B

Bride of the Water God vol. 2
Chunchu Genocide Fiend vol. 3
Gunsmith Cats Burst vol. 3
Kare Kano Ultimate Ed. Vol. 1

All Star Companion vol. 3
Amulet vol. 1
Bakers, Babies & Kittens HC
Batman False Faces HC
Diana Prince, Wonder Woman
Fallen Angel Vol 4
GI Joe vs. Transformers HC Omnibus
Incognegro HC
Jumper: Jumpscars
Krazy & Ignatz 1941-1942 Ragout of Raspberries
Nicolas Cages Voodoo Child Vol. 1 Shadowplay
Scalped vol. 2
Second Wave vol. 1
Super Villain team-Up Modok's 11
Superman Chronicles vol. 4
Tag Vol.1
Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson vol. 5
Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 19

Lee’s Toy Review #184
Lost Magazine #15 Newsstand Cover
Lost Magazine #15 Previews Cover
New Avengers Poster Book
TV Zone #224

Betty & Veronica Double Digest #158
Justice League Unlimited #42
Little Lulu vol. 18
Looney Tunes #159
Marvel Adventures iron Man Digest vol. 2

Marvel Minimates Defenders 4-Pack
Marvel Milestones Captain America Avengers #4 Statue
Robin 13” Figure
Superman Batman Series 5

Batgirl Symbol II Women’s

Giant Size Astonishing X-Men by John Cassaday
Thor by Coipel & Djurduevic

New Release List Glossary

INCENTIVE COVER = A cover that is more rare than a regular cover.  For example, a “1 in 10” Incentive means that for every 10 regular covers there is 1 of the Incentive cover available.  Prices vary depending on the rarity of the Incentive.

VARIANT COVER = A cover that is printed in an equal ratio to the regular cover.  For example, "Captain America: The Chosen" has 2 covers for each issue, printed in a 1-for-1 ratio.  For every Charest drawn cover there is a Brewister-drawn cover. 

HC = Hardcover

SC = Softcover

(2nd PRINT) = A previously released comic that has been reprinted by the publisher after their initial print run has sold out.  Usually has a different cover than the first printing.

(3rd PRINT) = Same as above, only printed after the 2nd Printing has sold out from the publisher.

MMW = Marvel Masterworks, Marvel Comics' hardcover, full-color collections of older material.

ARCHIVE = DC Comics' hardcover, full-color collections of older material.

ESSENTIAL = Marvel Comics' softcover, black & white collections of older material, printed on less expensive paper.

SHOWCASE = Showcase Presents..., DC Comics' softcover, black & white collections of older material, printed on less expensive paper.

MA = Marvel Adventures, Marvel Comics' all-ages accessible line of comics and digests.

SCUD The Disposable Assassin #21
Image Comics

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