X-Men By Milligan TPB Vol 01 Dangerous Liaisons
X-Men By Milligan TPB Vol 01 Dangerous Liaisons, Out of Stock


(W) Peter Milligan, Reginald Hudlin
(A) Salvador Larroca, David Yardin
(CA) Salvador Larroca

A new X-Men era begins, courtesy of Peter Milligan! The X-Men travel to Antarctica after an S.O.S. from a colony of mutants, but what they find is shocking - bodies everywhere, and the word Golgotha written on the walls in blood! With Emma Frost offering cryptic answers and madness beginning to gnaw at their minds, can the X-Men keep the rest of the planet from suffering the colony's gruesome fate? Then, a bizarre love triangle threatens to tear the team apart - or at the very least, leave Rogue flaming mad with Gambit! Why does Mystique want to join the X-Men? And will the team grant membership to their old foe?! And an investigation into mutated animals in Africa leads Storm and the X-Men into a wild adventure - alongside the Black Panther! Collecting X-MEN (1991) #166-176 and BLACK PANTHER (2005) #8-9. Rated T+
Date Available: 04/17/2019

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