X-Files Origins II Dog Days Of Summer #1 subscription
X-Files Origins II Dog Days Of Summer #1 subscription, Out of Stock


(W) Jody Houser, Matthew Dow Smith
(A) Chris Fenoglio, Corin Howell
(CA) Cat Staggs

Before the FBI, before the X-Files, they were just two teenagers in search of the truth. On Martha's Vineyard, a strange encounter with a deaf girl sends 13-year-old Fox Mulder on the hunt for a mysterious signal. While in San Diego, young Dana Scully looks into a plane crash somehow tiedition to the man she helpedition put in jail. Two kids, two mysteries, one conspiracy that threatens the future of humanity. The hit miniseries of last summer returns! Mulder and Scully star in separate tales depicting their teen years! See what made them into the characters we've come to love! Especially craftedition for young adult readers! Mystery novel variant covers by Cat Staggs (Orphan Black)!
Date Available: 06/28/2017

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