X-Men Legacy #245 fcbd
X-Men Legacy #245 fcbd, $1.99

Written by MIKE CAREY
Penciled by CLAY MANN
Cover by LEINIL YU
Fantastic Four Anniversary Variant by PAOLO RIVERA

'AGE OF X' PART ONE! In a world where the X-Men never existed and mutantkind has been hunted to extinction, the few remaining mutants band together to make their last stand. Who are they? And just how far will they go to survive? The AGE OF X starts here! 32 PGS.

Date Available: 02/23/2011


Seems like every day a customer says to me they used to read X-Men but have no idea where to jump in. THIS IS IT. Set in the distant future, where the x-gene is illegal, the X-Men make their final stand. Rogue is now known as Legacy. Each mutant has their story, each has their trauma. Wolverine...I can't wait to find out. One of the best X-Men book I have read in a decade. I love a book that doesn't tell, and rather it shows. This issue is a perfect example of what the X-Men are all about. And who doesn't love an apocolyptic X-Men story?! Add Age of X to your pull list NOW! (and it's only 3 bucks!!)

10 out of 10 Grahams

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