War Of Realms #6 hugo variant
War Of Realms #6 hugo variant, $7.99


(W) Jason Aaron
(A) Russell Dauterman
(CA) 1:25 Variant

THE WORLD'S SHATTERING CONCLUSION OF WAR OF THE REALMS! The tides begin to turn as unexpected allies appear in a twist that will shake the heavens! Malekith's allies are faltering at last before the might of all Earth's heroes, but the Dark Elf King has one final trick - and it's got a VENOMOUS bite! Out of options, the God of Thunder makes a sacrifice that will leave him forever changed. But will it be enough? And what heroes may fall in his wake? Midgard's fate is sealed as Jason Aaron's years-long saga comes to its epic conclusion! Rated T+
Date Available: 06/26/2019

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