War Is Hell #1 (2019)
War Is Hell #1 (2019), $3.99


(W) Howard Chaykin, Phillip Kennedy Johnson
(A) Howard Chaykin, More
(CA) Dan Panosian

ALL-NEW WAR STORY! In honor of Marvel's 80th Anniversary and history with War Comics comes a brand new edition of WAR IS HELL with two fascinating and soul-crushing tales of War. 'In the Mood' by Howard Chaykin takes you to the skies as the Luftwaffe and RAF battle over the English Channel for a battle tale of bitter irony and 'War Glammer' by Phillip Kennedy Johnson brings you back to Earth in modern day Afghanistan with a story that will chill you to the bone. Rated T+
Date Available: 01/23/2019

BONUS REVIEW by "Doc" Schaefer

Marvel's war comics were an institution on their own. Led by Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandoes, Marvel's war books blazed a trail through Timely/Marvel history. And while this one-shot tries to recoup some of the glory days, it just doesn't get to the bar. Even with Howard Chaykin at the helm, the stories told here are average at best. Even when they try to sneak in a Twilight Zone ending. I was hoping for a lot more.

I give it 6 out of 10 Grahams

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