Walking Dead Vol 01 Days Gone By TPB
Walking Dead Vol 01 Days Gone By TPB, $14.99

TITLE: Walking Dead
Publisher: Image Comics
TV/Movie Comparison: Any George Romero zombie movie preferably Dawn of the Dead.

The way I explain this my customers is to imagine the movie Dawn of the Dead as a TV series. In a world filled with zombies what are living people to do?
This entire series follows a group of survivors trying to live in a world of the undead. It is both an action and a psychological book. How would you deal with having the world that you now know turned upside down. The characters not only have to try and find food and shelter, they also have to worry about zombies eating them. If you are into zombies (the old slow moving zombies, not the quick ones that seem to be appearing in movies nowadays) than this is the book for you. It is zombilicious.

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