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(W/A/CA) R. Sikoryak

Cartoonist R. Sikoryak draws upon the power of comics and satire to frame President Trump and his controversial declarations as the words and actions of the most notable villains and antagonists in comic book history. Reimagining the most famous comic covers, Sikoryak transforms Wonder Woman into Nasty Woman; Tubby Tompkins into Trump; Black Panther into the Black Voter; the Fantastic Four into the Hombres Fantasticos and Trump into Magneto fighting the Ex-Men. In perfect Trumpian fashion, The Unquotable Trump will be a 48-page treasury annual needlessly oversized and garishly colored.
Date Available: 11/08/2017


Drawn & Quarterly presents this utterly unique book, featuring all of the best words...and nifty pictures too! Creator R. Sikoryak clearly sees everything Donald Trump says as if it's hanging in a word balloon. Of course, it's not his fault that Trump sounds like a super villain from a '70s comic book. If the concept of " Giant Size Super-Leader Team-Up" featuring Donald Doom and Sub-Putin doesn't make you want to look at the book, it may not be for you. Not only that, the publisher is donating 25% of the proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union, while they still can. Highly recommended for those who kinda thought that America hadn't gotten all that bad (at least way back then), Bruce Bachelder, and those that always wanted to see the whimsy in car wrecks.

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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