Underdog #2 riff raff cover
Underdog #2 riff raff cover, $3.99


(W) Batton Lash
(A) Batton Lash, Adrian Ropp
(CA) Adrian Ropp

There's no need to fear, Underdog is here! Free Comic Book Day's all ages darling, the classic rhyming superdog, returns with brand new adventures for kids of all ages. What happens when there's a new hero in town stealing Underdog's thunder? Will they be super friends or arch enemies? Tune in to this new issue of Underdog and find out! Plus enjoy the tall tales of Commander McBragg and the silly escapades of Go Go Gophers! Underdog comes with four covers - Main by John Gallagher, Giant by Bill Galvan, Riff Raff by Adrian Ropp, and a Retro Animation Retailer Incentive Edition by Patrick Owsley.
Date Available: 07/26/2017

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