Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson Vol 4 TPB
Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson Vol 4 TPB, Out of Stock

TITLE:Balder the Brave, Thor's brother in all but blood, undergoes his own gauntlet of gods and giants - earning the love of witch-queen Karnilla and the throne of Asgard! Meanwhile, on Midgard, Thor finds an era-hopping authoritarian officer racing him to defeat an old enemy possessed by an even older evil! Plus: Sabretooth and the Marauders! All with Walt Simonson's trademarks: epic sensibilities, godly grandeur and talking frogs! Verily! Collecting Thor #371 - 374 and Balder the Brave #1 – 4; written by Walter Simonson, with pencils by Sal Buscema and cover artwork by Walter Simonson.

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