Thor God of Thunder #25
Thor God of Thunder #25, $7.51


Written by Jason Aaron
Art & Cover by Agustin Alessio
Variant Cover by Milo Manara
Variant Cover by Simon Bisley
Variant Cover by RM Guera

Redefining the word 'epic,' it's the god-sized 25th issue of THOR: GOD OF THUNDER featuring an amazing artistic line-up! Young Thor vs. Frost Giants! The untold origin of Malekith the Accursed! King Thor's granddaughters uncover a startling secret chapter from the history of the Thunder God! Thor deals with the shocking fall-out from ORIGINAL SIN!

Date Available: 9/17/2014

BONUS REVIEW by Thor, God of Thunder (retired-see HR for details)

Two tales in my past. Two tales leading to my future. Two tales meeting to form a third? What madness is this?! Thy storytellers may have taken liberties with mine exploits, but I shall not be felled by such as the origin of Malekith. Even the mighty blacks wielded with fury by RM Guera, or the painted frost giants of Simon Bisley's tale of blood ice carry not the weight of the truth of these doings. You mortals present this delivery at your peril, but my vengeance loses all boundaries for him they call Aaron. To so carelessly flaunt my fate, to challenge those who know me so well! He is unworthy...a word and a plague I know with heavy head and lightened shoulder. Drink to my memory mortals...a new day dawns, and with it, new perils, new prisons, new...thunder.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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