Symbiote Spider-Man #1
Symbiote Spider-Man #1, Out of Stock


(W) Peter David

(A/CA) Greg Land

Everyone knows that Spider-Man's infamous black suit would someday become the wicked web-slinger called Venom - but what happened BEFORE Peter Parker discovered the black suit's sinister secret? Find out in this dynamic tale from comics legends PETER DAVID and GREG LAND! Set during the original 'Black Suit Saga,' this is an all-new tale that pits the wall-crawling wonder against that most mystifying of menaces…MYSTERIO! Rated T
Date Available: 04/10/2019


A whiplash inducing oddity of a book, this issue is like comfort food for readers of a certain age, yet it also seems to be for people who don't know who Mysterio is. Peter David manages to not let "clever" get in his way, but the Greg Land art is all over the highway. It's pretty much the comic book equivalent of George Lucas making a special edition of the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie. Highly recommended for Peter David fans, anybody who's been away from comics for so long that they might potentially answer a question with, "What's Venom?", and those of you who still believe that all of your problems would be solved if only there were a bell tower nearby.

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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