Surgeon X TPB  Vol 01 Path Of Most Resistance
Surgeon X TPB Vol 01 Path Of Most Resistance, Advance Product


(W) Sara Kenney
(A/CA) John Watkiss

In an antibiotic apocalypse in near-future London, brilliant surgeon Rosa Scott becomes Surgeon X, a vigilante doctor who treats those who've been abandoned by the system. Haunted by the murder of her mother and harassed by the mysterious Hippocrates, Rosa risks everything to save lives--but warps her medical oath to do so. 'SURGEON X is everything you could want from a new creator-owned series, nuanced writing, incredible artwork and a premise that hooks you instantly and won't let you go.'-Jeff Lemire (DESCENDER, A.D.) Collects issues 1-6. Also includes character designs and additional artwork
Date Available: 04/26/2017

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