Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019
Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019, Out of Stock


(W) Cavan Scott
(A) Mauricet
(CA) Stan Sakai

A daring rescue mission leads Lando-and his new friend Jaxxon-to the seat of Imperial power, where they must recover an important artifact that will inspire a planet to drive the Empire from their home. Special feature-length tale starring Lando and Jaxxon!
Date Available: 05/22/2019

BONUS REVIEW by "Doc" Schaefer

Back in 1977, Marvel Comics had a problem. After gaining the rights to publish Star Wars as a comic, they had reached the end of the movie and didn't know where to go next. The dynamic team of Roy Thomas, Howard Chaykinand Frank Spinner came up with a new storyline featuring Han Solo and Chewy with a sort of 7 Samurai's plot. Inadvertantly, they created the 1977 version of Jar-Jar Binks! Jaxxon the Green Bunny gunslinger quickly went into the history books as an utter disaster. Which was a shame because, honestly, the character wasn't terrible. A smart aleck Bugs Bunny type but armed and brutal in a fight was quite the original concept. Jaxxon lasted from issue #7 to #16. So it's great to see him in action once again. And while he is a bit more cartoony than he was (this is Star Wars Adventures) he still shows that he is a great smuggler and fighter. Yodi says, "Mmmmm, the nostalgia value is strong in this one!" Add in a bonus Amadala/Leia story and this makes for one fun filled issue.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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