Spongebob Comics #76
Spongebob Comics #76, $3.99


(W) Jay Lender, Sam Henderson
(A) Gregg Schigiel, Stephanie Yue
(CA) Gregg Schigiel

'Untidaled,' Part 1 of 2! All the water in Bikini Bottom is being sucked away to parts unknown, and SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy must help its denizens survive the onslaught of air-and then set out across the muddy flats to bring the ocean back! Finally, a sort of reverse, right-side-up 'Poseidon Adventure' with talking animals! Plus: see SpongeBob work out on the beach, observe model-boat building with Mrs. Puff, and read more 'SpongeFunnies' by James Kochalka!
Date Available: 01/10/2018

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