SpongeBob Comics #26
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(W/A) James Kochalka & Various
(CA) Gregg Schigiel

This issue is filled with sick humor! Because SpongeBob has a bad cold. And when his friends visit, things somehow get worse. Joey Weiser and Gregg Schigiel reveal all in 'Sick Day.' And in 'Trench Vanilla,' readers can experience a SpongeBob adventure in widescreen - that's right, it's a 10-page comic that is one continuous image! Enjoy this miracle of comic book technology courtesy of Robert Leighton and Gregg Schigiel. Plus: James Kochalka's 'SpongeFunnies,' David Lewman and Vanessa Davis' 'Squidward in Love,' Joey Weiser's 'Phoney Dance Party,' and Maris Wicks' 'Flotsam and Jetsam.'

Date Available: 11/13/2013

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