Spider-Man The Many Hosts Of Carnage TPB
Spider-Man The Many Hosts Of Carnage TPB, $39.99


(W) David Michelinie & Various
(A) Mark Bagley & Various
(CA) Mark Bagley

Collecting Amazing Spider-Man #361, #410 and #431, 798-800; Spider-Man #67 (1990); Spectacular Spider-Man #233; Carnage #3 (2010); Carnage USA #1-5; and Superior Carnage #3-5 plus Annual #1

A whole host of hosts! Serial killer Cletus Kasady isn't the only one who's bonded with Venom's sadistic offspring, Carnage - and they're all here! First, Jonah's son John Jameson succumbs to the symbiote until Ben Reilly offers a more tempting meal - becoming Spider-Carnage! But the Silver Surfer may prove the most appetizing host yet! Dr. Tanis Nieves takes a turn then joins the fight against Kasady when he transforms a whole town into Carnage, U.S.A.! Even the Avengers fall prey to symbiosis - but who will be the Superior Carnage? Karl Malus? The Wizard? Or Norman Osborn, whose perverse partnership transforms him into the Red Goblin!

Date Available: 09/11/2019

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