Spider #4 cassaday b&w cover
Spider #4 cassaday b&w cover, $5.99


(W) David Liss (A) Colton Worley (CA) John Cassaday & Various

1:15 cassaday b&w cover

As Anput unleashes unparalleled destruction upon New York City, The Spider will knock down any door and bust any head to learn his enemy's secrets, but his investigations into Anput machinations lead him directly to his own father's company. With the city facing ruin and the police powerless, Anput prepares for her final victory, but The Spider prepares to take the fight to her. Loyalties are tested and relationships fray, but The Spider will stop at nothing to seek justice. It's 22 pages of pulp action and mayhem with a contemporary flair!

Date Available: 08/01/2012

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