Sheltered #1
Sheltered #1, $10.00


(W) Ed Brisson
(A/CA) John Christmas

story ED BRISSON art / cover JOHNNIE CHRISTMAS A PRE-APOCALYPTIC TALE OF SURVIVAL AT ANY COST. The men and women of Safe Haven have been preparing for any-and-all end of world scenarios for years. However, their bunkers, weapons and training can't save them from the one threat they never could have expected: Their own children.

Date Available: 07/10/2013

BONUS REVIEW by Shanna (Berry) Wallace

In a time where Post-Apocalyptic comics are becoming the norm, it’s refreshing to get a PRE-Apocalyptic tale in which the crap hasn’t quite yet hit the proverbial fan! (But it doesn’t take long!)

SHELTERED focuses on a settlement under the government’s radar, Safe Haven, where people are stockpiling bunkers for the end of everything.

Only they can’t prepare for every eventuality. And if you don’t read the synopsis, the first issue has shocking conclusions! Which were oddly spoiled in the solicitation! SO don’t read the synopsis, read the book! It was awesome!

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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