Secret Wars #9
Secret Wars #9, $0.99


(W) Jonathan Hickman
(A) Esad Ribic
(CA) Alex Ross


Date Available: 01/13/2016

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

They made us wait. Four months, four EXTRA months, four *!@!@!ing months for a *!@! comic book! Well, they had to screw it up. It's Hickman, so its going to be overly complicated, and the majority of it will happen off panel, and there will be no way to comprehend what happens, right?

What if I gave you a different option? What if I told you that they stick the landing, that while complex there are multiple explanations for why the Marvel universe is at where its at 'eight months later', and that the gaps that need filling in are reasonable ones to expect to bring the reader along instead of leaving them outside the story?

Jonathan Hickman manages the nigh impossible-an ending featuring the big time science, physics, and reality bending that he so clearly loves -a panther spirit fights a series of never ending eyes as a part of Doom facing T'Challa (but only after they've both taken mechs into the field of battle)- and combines it with big time super heroics resulting the the best confrontation ever between Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom. Look for great things from Wakanda ( I think we'll finally get our jet packs), Miles Morales (a character that shouldn't have worked that we all love now), and unlikelier sources, all done to honor the memory of Reed Richards. He saved us all, and in doing so has offered the possibility of evolution, of improvement, if we're just will to start with the acceptance of our own faults and failures.

The next era of Marvel starts with the words "Yes, damn you..." You'll know why when you read it. This is easily Marvel's best event since Civil War. I think its the better of the two.

P.S.- Time gem is the answer to the question you'll be asking.

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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