Seaguy The Slaves of Mickey eye #1
Seaguy The Slaves of Mickey eye #1, $4.50

Written by Grant Morrison Art and cover by Cameron Stewart

In Seaguy’s cartoon future world, everyone is a Super Hero and no one dies. It’s absolutely perfect...Or is it? Seaguy resurfaces with a sinister new partner, a hatred of the sea and a rebel restlessness he can’t explain.

Date Available: 04/01/2009

BONUS REVIEW by Stephen Banas

Da fug? Seaguy is BACK! First of all, if you don’t like Grant Morrisson then there is a 95% chance you won’t like this book. I’m just putting it out there. That said, THIS WAS SO COOL! I loved the first Seaguy and this first follow-up issue did not disappoint. All the favorites have returned, including Chubby! If you are a fan of wacky, eclectic, bizarre adventure then this is ABSOLUTELY AN ISSUE TO PICK UP! Cameron Stewart’s art is crisp, bold and clean and is a perfect fit. I’m glad to see these two back and doing Seaguy again. Fantastic read!

I give it 11 out of 10 Grahams

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