Savage Tales #4 s
Savage Tales #4 s, $5.50


By various, covers by covers by Beck and Sejic.

In this issue, we feature the debut of a two-part Red Sonja tale from Death Dealer writer Joshua Ortega (and artist Walter Geovanni)! It's a Savage Sonja tale you won't find anywhere else! Also this month, the debut of part 1 of writer Doug Murray's "Sellsword" (featuring artist Diego Bernard) - starring a mysterious stranger who rides into town and sets two families at each other's throats, but with a twist you won't see coming! Also look for "The Art of War" by writer Brandon Jerwa and artist Joe Prado and the first installment of "The Ripper" featuring a shocking tale of brutal murder among the royal court of a most mysterious land (art by Pere "Savage Tales: Elder Things" Perez)!

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