Regular Show Original Gn Vol 05 Parks & Wreck
Regular Show Original Gn Vol 05 Parks & Wreck, Out of Stock


(W) Ulises Farinas
(A) Laura Howell
(CA) Philip Murphy

From druids, to wi-fi demons, to the dreaded Melan Collie, it's adventure after all-new misadventure for Mordecai and Rigby. Starring characters like Skips and Benson, Eileen and Pops, this collection is jam-packed with fun for any Regular Show fan! Featuring new, original short stories by Molly Ostertag (The Witch Boy), Kevin Panetta (Zodiac Starforce), Rian Sygh (The Backstagers), Mad Rupert (Sakana), Derek Fridolfs (DC Comics: Secret Hero Society), and many more!
Date Available: 11/29/2017

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