Real Ghostbusters Vol 4 This Ghost is Toast TPB
Real Ghostbusters Vol 4 This Ghost is Toast TPB, Out of Stock

Written by Dan Abnett.
Art by Andy Williams.
Publisher: Titan Books
96 Color Pages
Available: November 8, 2006
Unorthodox scientists Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler decided to go into business, forming a company specialising in paranormal investigations. Now, along with Winston Zeddemore and their "pet" ghost Slimer, they protect the world from the supernatural — as the Ghostbusters! The ‘Busters are back in action against another horde of horrible haunters, wicked witches, very nasty vampires and grim ghouls in this spook-tacular new kids’ collection! Featuring never-before-collected strips from the Real Ghostbusters comic, based on the smash-hit cartoon - prepare to be bewitched!

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