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(W/A/CA) Walter Simonson

Ragnarök, the Twilight of the Gods in Norse mythology…the destruction of the Nine Worlds. And now, three hundred years later, the birth of vengeance. Walter Simonson returns to comics in a BIG way with an all-new series… and doing what he does best!! My wife and my children are dead. My brothers and sisters are dead. My parents are dead. The Great Enemies still live. But I swear on the shattered bones of my kinsmen… they will not live forever. I shall become… the storm. Walter Simonson is one of the most acclaimed and respected creators in comics. He has done defining runs on Thor, Manhunter, Star Slammers, Elric, Orion and more. Now, in his first creator-owned series in 20 years, he brings his tremendous artistic arsenal to a brand new world… the twilit world of Ragnarök!

Date Available: 7/23/2014


I have a confession, I have not always worshiped at the altar of the Odinson. Sure one of my first 10 comics was Thor #325 and I loved the Thor cartoons on channel 44 and the only non-Spider-Man or Hulk Marvel toy I owned was a Thor puppet, but it was not until the fall of 1986 that I experienced nirvana wrapped in a four color comic. Sure I had a bunch of comics by that time but it wasn't until Mr. White's English class learning about the Norse myths that Scott Johnson happened to be flipping through X-Factor #16 with an opening page spread of Walter Simonson's battle armored Thor bringing Ice-Man home to Midgard. I was hopelessly in love. Scott told me that Thor now looked like that all the time in his comics. So that day I skipped the bus for the first time and walked home from school so I could go straight to Graham Crackers first. I even passed on lunch that glorious day so I could have the extra $3.00 to spend on comics. I found issues #378, 379 and 380 on the stands. I have been addicted to Thor, Walter Simonson, vikings and the Norse myths ever since. I have collected every monthly issue of Thor and gotten all the back issues all the way back to Journey Into Mystery #83. I have suffered mighty lows, Bruce Zick to countless Toyfare magazine jokes to the outright cancelling of Thor itself to the dizzying highs of JMS & Coipel to Ribic & Aaron. NOTHING has come this close to the feeling of wonder and power and delight of seeing Simonson's Thor for the first time. Nothing.

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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