Punks Not Dead London Calling #2 Simmonds
Punks Not Dead London Calling #2 Simmonds, $3.99


(W) David Barnett
(A/CA) Martin Simmonds

In the spirit of awkward house calls, Fergie and Sid's urgent quest for Fergie's long-absent father finds them holed up in a dilapidated London boozer… where they meet some unwelcome old enemies and make an interesting new friend. Back in Preston, Dorothy Culpepper of The Department of Extra-Usual Affairs gets a proper wallop and Fergie's mom Julie and kinda-girlfriend Natalie end up with blood on their hands. The spirit of '77 is alive by night with power chords and psychic grenades in London Calling: 'To the Faraway Towns.'
Date Available: 03/27/2019

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