New Avengers The Reunion #1 chen variant signed by Stan Lee PGX 9.4
New Avengers The Reunion #1 chen variant signed by Stan Lee PGX 9.4, $125.00

PGX 9.4
Written by JIM MCCANN Penciled by DAVID LOPEZ

In the wake of SECRET INVASION, Mockingbird is alive and has returned to Earth after being held captive by the Skrulls. Ronin, her estranged husband, volunteers to help her adjust to her new life as a member of the new Avengers, but some old wounds run too deep. And what deadly secret did she bring back with her that could tear them, and the world, apart once more? It's high-octane action and intrigue as the Mr. & Mrs. Smith of the Marvel Universe take on one of the biggest threats in the world...and each other!

Date Available: 03/04/2009

Signed by the one and only STAN LEE #9 out of 25! BONUS REVIEW by JIMMY PS HAYES

This should’ve been called “New Avengers: Awesome”. I REALLY can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a comic this much. I’m a HUGE Hawkeye & Mockingbird fan, and this was a warm welcome home for Bobbi. AND it explains WHY the Skrulls kidnapped who they did. It’s a better ending to Secret Invasion than Secret Invasion #8 was. TONS of great superhero action, cliffhangers, mysteries and Moonlighting-like back and forth banter between Clint and Bobbi. The PERFECT comic!

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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