New Avengers #40 (2004)
New Avengers #40 (2004), Out of Stock


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Jim Cheung, cover by Aleksi Briclot.

Secret Invasion tie-in. Spinning right off of events in New Avengers: Illuminati #1, find out exactly how the Skrull empire was able to infiltrate the Marvel Universe and who instigated the invasion and why.

REVIEW by Brian Fisher

Tie-ins have the tendancy to skirt the main event, off-handedly mentioning it in the midst of the book's own story. But so far with Secret Invasion something unprecedented has happened. The tie-ins actually have an impact on the story at large... or at least they have so far. Take for example last week's Mighty Avengers and this week's New Avengers. Both have stories tied closely to the history of SI, revealing what are sure to be important plot points to the overall story. In fact neither of the aforementioned issues really have anything to do with the individual books they appear in and everything to do with expanding the story of SI. Well done, Marvel for actually making your tie-ins count for once.
I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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