Multiversity Mastermen #1
Multiversity Mastermen #1, $4.99


(W) Grant Morrison (A/CA) Jim Lee, Scott Williams

Superstar writer Grant Morrison joins legendary artist Jim Lee on Earth-10 for one of the most dynamic, action-packed issues of this entire world-shattering series - THE MULTIVERSITY: MASTERMEN! Imagine a world where the Nazis not only won World War II but went on to direct world culture for the next 60 years with the help of an orphaned, alien super-weapon known as Overman! But hope is not lost! Rising from the ashes of oppression are a diverse band of heroes raging against the fascist regime - a band of heroes known as THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS! What nightmarish parallel worlds haunt the dreams of Overman? Who is the mysterious figure called Uncle Sam? And when the dust settles, will the actions of Phantom Lady, Black Condor, Human Bomb, Doll Man and The Ray be enough to stop Leatherwing, Blitzen and the other 'heroes' of Earth-X? Learn all this and more in this exciting issue that acts as chapter seven of the critically acclaimed MULTIVERSITY storyline.
Date Available: 02/18/2015

BONUS REVIEW by Gavin Rehfeldt

Of all of the Multiversity one-shots, this is decidedly the least exciting, but Grant Morrison's "least exciting" is better than a lot of other creators' best, so we're still on solid ground with Multiversity! Superman Red Son fans take note! Masterman captures that rare essence that Red Son delivered on: a bleak yet fun Elsewords-style tale. Watchmen fans got Pax Americana; Red Son fans get Mastermen. Instead of Smallville, our Superman lands on a farm in Nazi occupied Germany. Refashioned as Overman, he fights for the standards of Adolph Hitler. The connections to the previous Multiversity issues are slight but impactful once you make the connections. Jim Lee does a solid pastiche of 90s extreme DC comics for this homage to oddball Elseworlds of that era where Batman could be a pirate, and Superman could be a feral jungle man.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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