Mickey And Donald Christmas Parade #4
Mickey And Donald Christmas Parade #4, $6.99


(W/A) Andrea Castellan & Various
(CA) Ulrich Schroeder, Daan Jippes

In 'The Coat of Many Dollars,' Mickey finds an enchanted frock that magically mints money-and Peg-Leg Pete wants his dirty rotten share! Then, in 'Claus in the Contract,' Donald's out to make Scrooge give to charity or die trying… Jump in for a tinsel-trimmed collection of new and vintage greats! Andrea 'Casty' Castellan is back with a masterful modern Mickey holiday adventure! Dutch Disney comedy legend Bas Heymans brings us Donald and Scrooge McDuck at their most festive…and ferocious!
Date Available: 11/21/2018

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