Laurel & Hardy #2 main cover
Laurel & Hardy #2 main cover, $3.99


(W) Jordan Gershowitz
(A) Jorge Pacheco

It's a new issue of Laurel & Hardy presenting more all-new tales of the world-famous comedy duo, and everyone's laughing all the way to the comic shop to pick up the latest chuckle-a-minute issue! Laurel & Hardy #2 is an all-summer edition, featuring the story 'Castle Crashers,' in which Laurel & Hardy attempt to win a sand castle contest. Then, the boys find buried treasure on the beach in 'Buck Aneers!' Laurel & Hardy's classic, comedic exploits live again in the pages of comics, to delight a whole new generation of fans! Laurel & Hardy #2 is available with two covers - Main and a 350 copy Ltd Edition Cover by Jorge Pacheco!
Date Available: 06/26/2019

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