Land That Time Forgot From Earths Core #2 variant
Land That Time Forgot From Earths Core #2 variant, $6.99


(W) Mike Wolfer
(A) Gene Magora
(CA)1:3 Variant

The titanic crossover clash between Edgar Rice Burroughs' worlds of Caspak and Pellucidar continues! The telepathic, pterosaurian Mahars have invaded the island continent of Caspak, sweeping across the prehistoric landscape in a reign of terror. Dian of Pellucidar must find a way to escape from the Mahar's clutches and unite the tribes of Caspak before the ruthless creatures exterminate everything on the continent! THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT TERROR FROM THE EARTH'S CORE #2 comes with three covers - Two Connecting Main Covers by Gene Magora and a Wish You Were Here Postcard Retailer Incentive Edition by Dan Parsons.
Date Available: 08/23/2017

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