Justice League Of America #1 vol 5 joker variant cover
Justice League Of America #1 vol 5 joker variant cover, $6.50


(W) Bryan Hitch
(A) Bryan Hitch, Wade Von Grawbadger
(CA) Howard Porter

It's massive widescreen JUSTICE LEAGUE action and adventure from superstar writer/artist Bryan Hitch! In this extra-sized debut issue, the League comes up against an armada of aliens heading for Earth that claims to be a peaceful religious tribe. But something sinister is lurking in their ranks...something with ties to ancient Krypton! This amazing kick-off issue is available with seven different open-to-order variantiant covers by Bryan Hitch, each spotlighting one of seven core members of the JLA, plus an incredible 1:100 seven-panel foldout variantiant cover that presents all seven open-to-order covers together!
Date Available: 06/03/2015

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