Justice League of America 100 Project HC
Justice League of America 100 Project HC, Out of Stock

See them here for the FIRST and ONLY time! ALL of Hero Initiative’s 100+ original covers to DC Comics’ Justice League of America #50 are on display in this great book, with art by Mark Bagley, Alan Davis, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, George Pérez, Frank Quitely, John Romita Sr., Alex Ross and MORE! See all the covers, along with a special behind-the-scenes section showing developmental art and MORE! This LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER is limited to only 500 copies worldwide, and is only available via The Hero Initiative at comic conventions and live events or Graham Crackers! Don't blow your chance! NOTE: Through special arrangement with DC Comics, there will be ONLY ONE PRINTING OF THIS BOOK EVER! Get it now so you don’t blow your chance! 120 pages squarebound full-color $30

Date Available: 11/30/2011

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