Judge Dredd Toxic #3 cover b
Judge Dredd Toxic #3 cover b, $3.99


(W) Paul Jenkins
(A) Marco Castiello
(CA) John Gallagher

Acclaimed British writer Paul Jenkins takes his first shot at Judge Dredd! Everything comes to a head with Dredd and the Justice Department, the only things standing in the way of Mega-City One becoming a toxic wasteland! Cutting satire and gritty action from writer Paul Jenkins (Hellblazer, The Inhumans) and artist Marco Castiello (Star Wars)! Covers by Jenkins' Peter Parker: Spider-Man teammate Mark Buckingham (Fables, Marvelman)! Painted variant covers by concept artist John Gallagher (The Flash, Supergirl)!
Date Available: 12/12/2018

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